Expedien strives to give its customers the best possible experience and provide solution to ensure shortest route to benefits. We believe that alliances are the best mechanism for achieving these goals.

Expedien Partner Program capitalizes on the synergy arising out of alliances. It ensures the engagement of partners at every stage – from Lead Generation to Solution Integration, ultimately helping to serve the customers better.

We attribute our success to the efforts of our Partners and are committed to ensuring growth and profitability of our partners through our Partnership Program. Expedien Partner Program is aimed at Sales and Marketing of ERP to University/Institution by its partners and thus achieving a Win- Win situation for both parties involved.

Expedien accords great importance to each of its Partners with an emphasis on establishing and maintaining a strong, durable, vibrant, mutually beneficial and professionally ethical association. Some of the benefits that will accrue to the Partner are:

Facilitates expansion of the current product portfolio of the Partner.

Facilitates value added services to be provided along with the current offerings.

Additional revenue streams based on an attractive incentive / commission structure.

Involvement with a professional and mature network of partners for jointly addressing business opportunities.

Opportunity for upgrading and enriching the technical and marketing skill-sets of the employees of Partner's organization.

Our Partners represent Expedien in the entire spectrum of business verticals from Universities/Institutions and virtually anywhere where there is a requirement of ERP product. Expedien takes the responsibility of implementation, customization and support functions.

How to become an Expedien Partner

To know more about Expedien Partner Program, please write an e-mail to and we shall get back to you with details. Please also send your company's profile along with the e-mail.