End-to-end e-Governance System for Higher Education provides a complete e-Governance framework for your institution. Streamlining of all activities results in better efficiency and resource
Built-In Business Intelligence and Analytics Real time information at the click of a button provides keen insights for faster decision-making. Get in-depth information on the health of your
Customizable solutions to meet unique requirements We understand that Institutions face a diverse set of challenges. Our solutions are completely customizable to meet
your unique
Geared to implement Choice-Based Credit System-Institution will be ready to implement the CBCS mandated by the Government to promote
Cloud Technology

Ease the burden of your IT infrastructure by running your applications on Cloud. Build, Deploy and Manage your applications across a global network of Data Centres.
    This is to state that IUMS implemented in the KVASU is user-friendly and the work Undertaken through the system is effectively carried out within a time and pace that is Remarkable. The admission procedure, mark entry, grade reports and certificate issue enable through the system is fairly manageable. Dr. Devada k, Director (Academics and Research)
    Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Kerala
    As a forward thinker, we always strive to adopt the best technology services to improve the current education system. OSES implementation is one of the major achievements towards creating a robust education system. Prof. (Dr.) Col. Ajay Kumar Gahlot
    The Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner

IUMS is a software application that provides a complete e-Governance framework for Institutions of Higher Education. Following are the key benefits

  • It integrates all the departments of a University making it easier to monitor, track and evaluate the efficiency of each function and department, down to the smallest official.
  • Manages and processes large amounts of information in real-time for faster decision-making.
  • Provides keen insight and predictive analysis for forecasting trends in Higher Education.
  • It is a complete Knowledge Management System.