Digital Document Circulation With e-Note Tracking (DDC)

Get rid of all paper-based documents by converting them to a digital format. DDC is a perfect solution for organizations striving for a paperless office. Preserve your files, books, newspapers and periodicals, and even business cards for the future. Share your documents across the organization and keep track of their movement.

e-Note Tracking - The days pushing a file from desk to desk are now over. The unique e-Note Tracking feature allows you to add your signatures digitally to the documents. A great time saver when multiple signatures are required on a single document.

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Digital Document Circulation (DDC)

Benefits of Digital Document Circulation

  • Create a permanent document data base.
  • Eliminate manual filing and record keeping
  • Faster tracking ensures accountability.
  • Data portable to web publishing software.
  • Repair functions allow you to restore torn and damaged documents.