Lift your business to the cloud

Cloud Services

Cloud is a centrally governed data centre that can be quickly and optimally deployed to meet organizational needs. Businesses are increasingly tapping the potential of Cloud Services to enhance their existing IT infrastructure. Cloud Computing has lent amazing flexibility in the way businesses can boost their IT capabilities without incurring substantial costs. It also allows users to adopt existing IT technologies, without the need of having deep expertise or knowledge about how they work. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s how a Cloud Infrastructure can support your existing IT framework.

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  • Enhance Capability
    Make your business agile with faster access to new technology available on Cloud. Now do more with your data, run your applications off-premises and increase productivity with multiple users having simultaneous access to data.
  • Expand Capacity
    Add scale and flexibility to your IT hardware by migrating to Cloud. Increase or decrease capacity as per your business demands, without straining your resources. Continuous upgrades ensure you experience less downtime.
  • Secure Infrastructure
    Run your applications and store your data in a completely secure environment. Features such as cameras and data encryption ensure complete safety, while a dedicated incident team will address any security concerns.
  • Delivery Model
    We deliver Cloud Services in a traditional infrastructure model (in house data center), or via a hybrid model with integrated support of traditional and cloud infrastructures. Solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Build Cost Efficiencies
    Realize greater cost benefits with the simple ‘pay as you use’ cost structure. IT departments have to continuously upgrade systems to the latest technology and make additions to hardware and software. With the latest technologies being deployed on cloud, you won’t have to purchase new hardware or licenses, or bear additional expenses such as vendor fees, etc.