Technology with Multiple Benefits

Integrated Institute Management System (IIMS)

Integrated Institution Management Solution (IIMS) strategically integrates all the technological competencies and years of experience to form a manageable web-enabled multi-tier application in a phased manner with the help of management functions that are necessary to successfully handle all the aspects of running of an Institution.

Integrated Institute Management System (IIMS) is an integrated suite of proven, scalable, enterprise-wide web-based application available on a single database. It takes care of various key activities of a professional Institution like Student Management, Administrative Functions etc. IIMS is configured to meet all the requirements of an educational Institution, helping the management in taking quick and well informed decisions in real-time.

IIMS streamlines and integrates multiple functions and systems into one solution and provides total visibility & control of Operations on Microsoft EduCloud Platform. Messaging, Reporting & Analytics are an integral part of IIMS (Release-I)

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