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e-Learning – Virtual Classroom (eLSU)

e-Learning allows institutions to extend education beyond the limits of the physical campus. It is an exciting, interactive way of promoting learning where students geographically dissociated from the Institutions can enroll and participate in an e-classroom. Institutions on the other hand, can extend their reach by offering courses online, thus adding more flexibility and maximizing the use of their internal faculty and resources.

Our e-Learning Suite is based on Information And Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop all kinds of online teaching and learning processes. Our Learning Management System facilitates a University to create online digital resources such as instructional videos, apps, websites that facilitate improved engagement with students.

Pictorial Representation of e-Learning – Virtual Classroom (eLSU) click here to know more...

e-Learning for Faculty

  • Create content for courses.
  • Conduct online classes.
  • Develop tests and assignments online.
  • Conduct meetings, conferences online.
  • Define Course Structure (unit wise/week wise)
  • Chatting & Messaging
  • Online Classes/Video Conference
  • Recording of online lectures and share with students
  • Class Attendance
  • Track student Participation and progress
  • Question Bank Management
  • Online Exams (CBT) with various question types
  • Self Assessment of CBT exams
  • Grading
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • MIS/Reports
  • Access can be given to HODs to observe the progress of courses

e-Learning for Students

  • Register for courses online.
  • Access to course materials online.
  • Give tests, view scores and receive certificates online.
  • Receive e-notifications for courses, assignments, tests, meetings, seminars etc.
  • Access all allocated courses
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Access resources shared by the course teacher
  • Participate in Assignments, CBTs, Wiki, Forums, Surveys, polls etc.
  • One-to-one messaging/chatting with the teacher
  • Access all contents shared by the course teacher anytime & anywhere

Pictorial Representation of e-Learning – Virtual Classroom (eLSU)