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Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

Turning data into actionable information
Like any other organization, Institutions of Higher Education also have vast repositories of data that they need to make sense of. Data analytics can provide invaluable insights into the day to day performance of a University/Institution. Whether faced with a challenge, or planning for the future, Business Intelligence solutions will help you gather and analyse information for better decision making.

Here’s how enterprise reporting and analytics can help

Evaluate Performance

Easy to interpret dashboards gather and analyse data quickly to help you evaluate performance.

Solve problems

A comprehensive view of the situation helps to pinpoint problem areas and give direction to your decisions.

Improve efficiency

Real time information available at a click improves efficiency.

Forecast trends

Study the behaviour of data to predict future events and plan ahead.

Expedien’s reporting and analytics solutions are customized for Higher Education

  • Role-based dashboards provide instant information.
  • Create customized reports with simple drop and drag functionalities.
  • Pre-built models are ready to use from day one.
  • A meta-data and semantic model provides access to a single source of information for data-powered decisions.