Enhanced Security for Easy Surfing

Internet Management and Security Option (IMSO)

IMSO is a complete software solution to manage your Internet and Security. It is equipped with capabilities to provide you complete network security, from internet sites as well as unauthorized users.

The utility too has features like Bandwidth Control, Policy Maker, flexible URL/Keyword Filtering, Restrictions, Security, Web Caching, Firewall & VPN and Printer Control to make your work easier and also help you maintain complete network security.

Reporting tool gives a comprehensive analysis of internet usage in the organization and can be viewed remotely with valid user rights. Keep track of all internet activities, such as data transferred, URLs visited, with Time and Date. Detailed reports on group/departments and individual logs can also be maintained.

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  • Controlled, monitored and reported internet access.
  • Tracking of IT resources: Internet, Printing, Computers.
  • Graphical reports to analyze network traffic, web content, printing patterns.
  • Accurate capacity planning to avoid unnecessary bandwidth upgrade.
  • Faster internet access with in-built DNS & Web Caching.
  • Provides protected and clean corporate environment.
  • Save on recurring cost by optimized use of bandwidth control & distribution.
  • No dependency on third party tools for management, analysis & report generation.