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RFID Based Library Automation (LARFID)

An integrated solution for complete Library Management

Expedien’s Library Automation System automates the processes of book issuance and receipt, cataloguing, circulation, stock taking, acquisition, serial control and budgeting.

This state-of-the art system is built on RFID technology that uses radio frequencies to store and retrieve information about books. We have invested significantly in developing and certifying International Standard of RFID systems, built in partnerships with several library automation equipment providers.

Contact-less technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) devices have gained popularity in recent years as they provide a more efficient means of storing and identifying data about library items. The information is stored in RFID labels or tags which are pasted on the object. Radio frequencies emitted by the tags can be read by a tag reader or scanners placed within a few feet. The advantage of this technology is that unlike a microchip or bar code, the object does not have to be physically held in front of the scanner.

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Benefits for Libraries


Check-in, Check out of books is more intuitive as the line of sight is not necessary.


Simultaneous reading of several labels facilitates book sorting.


Prevents thefts. RFID tags can co-exist with existing EM anti-theft systems.

RFID System consists the following Components:

  • RFID Programming Workstations
    Where tags are programmed with a unique item number and other information. The tags are then activated and made ready for use.
  • Security Gates
    The main component of the RFID Library System; these are fitted with RFID activated tags that beep when any item is not legitimately issued passes through.
  • Auto-sorting station
    Has an RFID enabled machine which automatically sorts books according to a predefined sorting setup. It is enormously beneficial when shelving books.
  • Self-Checkout Station
    Has a touch screen and receipt printer which allows patrons to self-issue books without assistance.
  • Self-return Book Drop
    Drop boxes are placed at selected spots on the campus. Students can drop the books in these and get a return receipt, without visiting the library.
  • Staff Circulation System
    Manages the circulation of staff rather than library items.
  • Hand-held RFID Scanner for stock taking and shelf rectification
    With a scanning speed of 50 books in 5 seconds with 100% accuracy, it’s the most efficient way to manage stocks and rectify shelves.

Other benefits of Library Automation


Library News, Notices and Developments.


Track Subscriptions and Subscribers.


Reserve a book in advance.


Track book issue status.


Vendor Records.


Calculate fines.


Locate a book on a particular shelf. Search books by subject, author, topic, publication, keyword and accession number.

Expedien Library automation system follows International Standard of information interchanges with the help of Bibliographic Record - MARC 21 and Uni MARC, Z39.5 communication protocol and Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2).

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