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Online Admission Management System on Cloud

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Managing admissions can be a huge task for a University/Institution especially with Central/State Universities Educational Institutions of high repute having a large number of affiliated colleges. Managing and maintaining the large data is another challenge faced by the Universities/Institutions especially when the process is undertaken manually. This results in discrepancies in the admission process with no way to verify the number of seats offered, ascertaining the number of students applied/admitted, thereby resulting in a delay in decision making. The process of generating merit list is also susceptible to bias and favouritism as a result of the manual admission process.

Expedien’s Online Admission Management System is a cloud based web enabled application designed to address the need of automation in Higher Education Institutions especially Central & State Universities/Institutions. The process is structured to tackle the challenges faced by the Universities as well as the students applying for admission to various Universities/Affiliated colleges.

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Features of Online Admission Management System on Cloud

  • Online Admission with online fee payment integration including Bank Challan System
  • Student inquiry Management with online inquiry form (Integrated with Website)
  • Off line inquiry Form for Staff to record inquiries
  • Inquiry Follow-ups & Bulk Mailing
  • Availability of application forms online
  • Online payment processing
  • Online application form filling and submission
  • Special Configurable Treatment for Reserve class students (SC, ST, Handicap Students)
  • Merit based short listing of Candidates
  • Online Merit List Generation for all Colleges/courses
  • Publishing Merit list of short listed candidates
  • System-based Admission of candidates in Colleges
  • Admission fees can be submitted online and the status of the particular student will upgrade to “Approved” in the University Database
  • Student Registration and Record Management
  • Student Admission with Degree and Branches/Divisions/Section Management

Pre-Admission with Facilitation Centre

With IUMS Pre-Admission with Facilitation Centres the Students can apply for admission into a college through home or can walk into a neighbourhood Facilitation Centre. University Facilitation Centers are set up across the length and breadth of the Jurisdiction of the Universities, depending on the population density. At the UFC, a candidate can obtain an e-coupon and also get their admission form filled with printout even if they are not computer literate.

Benefits of Online Admission Management System on Cloud


  • Increased transparency, efficiency and integrity in the Admission process
  • The number of seats available, applications filled and seats vacant/available can now be tracked easily
  • Merit list is system generated ensuring a fair and transparent admission
  • Administration is now free from the pressures faced during the manual admission process
  • University can conduct the admissions in accordance to the standard rules


  • Students can now apply for University/College online hence, gaining the flexibility of applying for several colleges from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Students are required to fill in only their registration number and their marks would be picked up by the system directly from CBSE/ICSE database, making the entire process fair and transparent
  • Students can easily know which University/College they had gained admission removing the need of visiting the University/College to check their name in the merit list
  • Students can submit their fee online and directly enroll into the University/College
  • Online Merit based selection procedure ensures only eligible students are accepted and notified.
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