Books, the key to knowledge and wisdom

What did Expedien do?

Expedien offered a dedicated asset management system designed for Library Management (automation of the book handling process including checkout, inventory maintenance, and check-in activities). When combined with automatic or computer assisted sorting equipment, RFID facilitates and speeds up book sorting. Automating this process allows librarians to spend more time with customers resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

The system provides an intelligent way for libraries to maximize their investment in RFID with optimized memory and built-in EAS features. As a RFID systems provider, Expedien has invested significantly in developing and certifying an international standard and state of the art RFID systems offering, and has built strong partnerships with several library automation equipment providers to offer complete integrated solutions for libraries management.

The Client

A premier university in Asia

Client Requirement:

Client wanted to facilitate an environment of transparency in the process of book issuance, receipt and overall library inventory management, and develop a system of self-service, reducing staff accountability with enhanced transaction time.


RFID tags replaced both the bar code and EAS (anti-theft) device allowing for much easier search and security of the library materials.

Check-out stations were automated with easy and intuitive interfaces. Book returns were automated with check-in, EAS activation, and system updates completed simultaneously in the book return chute.

Fast on-the-shelf inventory allowed for much better accuracy in collection management and increased book turns resulting in reduced book purchasing. This allowed library to expand its collections without increasing its budget.

RFID systems eliminated significant manual labor, generating greater ROI under 1 yr.